Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"All I wanns do is *bang*, *bang*, *bang*, *bang*, and a *Cha-ching*, and take your money."

The verdict is in. Here are the results.

Behavioral Biology: B

Human Dimensions in Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation: A-

Behavioral Ecology: B+

Geography of Cemeteries: A

Natural Resource Biometrics: A-

Semester GPA: 3.5

Cumulative GPA: 2.985

Status on my Ichthyology grade: Still a D+. No grade change out of him.

I am SO close to that 3.0 GPA I can taste it. If only he would read my paper and say, "Man, that was one of the best written research proposals from an undergrad that I have ever read. And this girl did SO much for this project, I am going to bump her grade up to a B."

I do not hold much hope for that scenario.

On a less happy note, I spent $1083.75 on my car today. I sent it in on Tuesday morning to get them to look it over and tell me what needed to be done to get it to New Hampshire and not die withing the first week. I told him to fix everything that needed it. He did. Now I am praying that it makes it all the way there. I would probably stand in traffic if my car died halfway to New Hampshire.

I guess it's better to spend the money to get it fixed now rather than have to worry about it in a strange location where I don't know anybody. I also get to spend another $80 to make Sadie genderless.

So all in all I am of the opinion that money is horrible, as is spending it. But I do have faith that it will all work out.

That's all really. Just wanted to give you all a little update.

Also, I leave in T minus 8.5 days and counting. I am not ready. Give me another month, please?


Kirsti said...

BTW, I love your title! That song is AMAZING. I had no idea you knew about it.
And hooray on the good grades! I'm sorry you got a D+ in that one class, but maybe it'll go up to a C-...
8 days?! Really? Wow. That's soon.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Peeser said...

Again, delayed response... what are you going to do? Congrats on the hard-earned good grades! (Didn't your icthyology prof end up changing that D+?) And once again, spaying your dog does NOT deprive her of gender- she simply cannot reproduce now. She is STILL a female dog (especially considering the fact that you still dress her up in feminine outfits). Is Mom no longer a woman just because she no longer has a uterus? Think about it...

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