Monday, May 25, 2009

A few changes

Now that the semester has ended, I find myself making some decisions and accepting new challenges.

The terrifying unknown of the rent/money situation seems to have alleviated itself for the time being.

I have been picking up shifts at work. Mostly in the morning. Because I work most nights, this means that I have been working a few doubles. They may be exhausting, but my checking account is starting to recover from the drain it experienced last month.

I have a new potential roommate. Rachel. She is a really sweet sister from the University ward. We are currently looking for apartments/duplexes that are on ground levels, $500 and under per month and pet friendly. There are a few options. Some with really pricey pet deposits though. I am hopeful.

Speaking of pets, as of tomorrow, I will be the proud new owner of a young female Yorkie. One of my co-workers needs someone to take her little dog off her hands and I, being the sometimes spontaneous (especially when it comes to pets) person that I am, jumped at the opportunity. I'm getting her for free. I get to keep all the leftover dog food as well as the leash and other things that this co-worker purchased for her. Most pf you will think that this is a bad idea and tell me that I haven't thought this through.

All I have to say to you late!

Maybe it will be a horrible mistake, but I have ALWAYS wanted a Yorkie and up pops an opportunity to have one. I am taking it.

End of the semester grades:

-British Literature: A
-Folklore: A
-Animal Population Dynamics: B
-Practicum: B-
-Ichthyology: D+

Current GPA-2.9 (I was really hoping to get it to a 3.0 this semester. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next.)

There is obviously something horribly wrong with this picture. Sarah Lambson does not get a D+ as her final grade in anything. But not all hope is lost. As you all know, I have yet to complete this fish experiment. The next (and hopefully successful) trial will be next week. The first week in June. I am very hopeful. I just want to get this over with. With the completion of this project, the paper, and the poster, I hope to bring that D+ to at least a C. A nice round C. Sarah Lambson can get a C and live with it. I REFUSE to take Ichthyology over again because I got a D+.

Next semester schedule:

-Behavioral Biology
-Behavioral Ecology
-Human Dimensions in Natural Resources
-Russian Literature.

Hm...Maybe I shouldn't have made it so hard on myself. I should have taken easier classes huh? Made it easier to get a 3.0? Yeah. Oh well. I'll get over it.

I'm a bit sleepy.



Peeser said...

The plus side of Yorkies: They don't really shed (unlike a certain loveable doofus we all know...Steven, I'm looking your way ;). Also, they look cute.

The down side of Yorkies: They yap. A lot. They are little. Chances are, Alfred is bigger than she is. So you might accidentally crush her under your flip-flops. Also, like Butler, they will inevitably suffer from Little Dog Syndrome.

You have been warned.

That being said, I hope you enjoy your new pet.

See you soon!!!!

gd said...

Oh, I am DYING for a Yorkie! Yay for you! I was just looking at some adoption sites last night, since our apt. complex just decided to allow dogs. I'm so excited for you! And...they don't ALL ex-bf had a precious little one who was such a good, pefect little dog. When we broke up, I think I missed the dog more than him! The little guy used to sleep with me and even laid his tiny head on the pillow beside me.

Good luck in Icthyology...and Russian lit! Yipes! One Dostoevsky tome was enough for me.


Emily S. said...

just saying hi. on your blog.
typing one=-handed limits the depth factor... sorry, dear!

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