Monday, August 25, 2008

Home again. (once again from campus)

Whew! There is just no time to breathe!

I was just in Rhode Island two days ago. Now all my stuff is in my New place and I experiencing the first day of classes. I haven't even had time to think about how I feel about being home, about leaving, about classes or about getting back to work at Bob Evans.

I know one thing. I saw a jar full of cash in Kirsti's room and I thought to myself..."I miss all that money". I now realize that I will miss all that money for the rest of my life. I foresee being forever poor. Oh well.

I still wish that I could call everyone and talk about the last few weeks. I still really miss my phone. I also miss my iPod which has been dead since the beginning of the summer. Today as soon as I get home I will spend most of the day unpacking all my things and trying to get them arranged in my new room. Sigh. I wish I had a week to JUST RELAX!

So they moved the Memorial Union computing site once again. It's a yearly thing I suppose. It's now in the Scott Joplin room down the hall. And the computers are all nice and brand new updated models. So much better than the ancient piece of poo that I was on most of the time in Rhode Island.

I've been to my first two classes. I have high expectation for each of them. My only worry is that Ecosystem Management is Writing intensive. And he MEANS writing intensive. None of this light mumbo jumbo which was the case with my last WI corse. I know I can do it and thanks to good genes, an awesome high school teacher and a general love for writing I should pass okay. It's just going to be hard. But I like my professors so far and I can't wait to get in the full swing of learning.

I just feel like I've had no to relax. Friday was a good day with dad. His flight came in at 12:30 on Friday morning. Thursday night I met up with Sarah and Kristi from church and went to Providence. We went to Thaer street. It's the equivalent of Delmar in St. Louis though not as long. We at an Indian food restaurant. I can't remember what it was called. The food was great. Then we got gelato which was also great. We walked around. All that took me to about 10:30. I spent the rest of the evening waiting on Dad at the airport.

(oop. had to stop and go to class. Now its Wednesday. No time to log anymore it seems. I will have to designate a day for it as usual).

Back to what I was talking about. The Airport in Warwick is quite small. The smallest I've ever been to. 4 baggage claims, one large room with an upstairs and a downstairs. Two sets of escalators and one Starbucks. I managed to get in a half an hour snooze before dads flight got in. Then it was a convoluted drive back to the trailers. I missed my turn off in the dark in light of my sleepiness and we took back roads all the way home. It would have been a nice detour if it hadn't been dark.

The next day was full of activity. We began with a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs provided by me. Delicious. It was a beautiful morning. Then, we went right next door to Trustom Pond and walked one of the shorter trails so dad could get a taste of the beauty. That took us to about 10:30. We headed to Kettle Pond to drop off my keys and dad took a gander at the exhibits and things. We got a few things at the gift shop. Next it was my favorite drive to Newport. I love crossing two bridges over the ocean and seeing all the boats. I also love driving through downtown Newport. I only saw a little bit of providence but I think that I Like Newport a lot better. Anyway, we then went to Sacuest to walk the trails. About three miles of walking to be precise. I showed dad all the invasive plants in the area and all the beautiful views from the coast. We saw hordes of swallows. Wa watched the butterfiles. We skipped rocks in the waves. It was great fun. Then it was time to eat. I had never been to a restaurant in Newport but I had heard good things about The Red Parrot. We ate in the upstairs dining room at a table with a window. We both got different kinds of Mahi Mahi. Hawaiin for very mild fish that goes good with anything. At least thats what I think. I got coconut Mahi Mahi with mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was quite delightful. I loved every bite. Dad got sweet potato fries. The best things in the world. It was a great lunch. To work off lunch, we went along part of the Newport cliff walk. Nice views of the ocean. Then it was back into the car to drive along the ocean road that shows you some of the most spectacular mansions that you will ever see. Then home. We rested. Boy did I need it. I was exhausted! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but the best place ever for pizza is Mews. And thats where we went for a late dinner. It was insanely busy being a Saturday night. We had to wait 40 minutes. We whiled away the time walking up and back down the street in Downtown Wakefield eyeing the shops that were all closed. We chatted and it was nice. The pizza was fantastic as usual. We got one with broccoli, artichoke hearts, onion, pepper, pepperoni, sausage...I think that was it. It was mouth watering. And, because I promised myself that I would get it before I left Rhode Island, I got the peanut butter pie. Heaven in a thin cheesecake sized slice of peanutbuttery and chocolately goodness. Dad helped me finish it. Mmmmm. The perfect close to a great day.

For the sake of time I will not go into great detail concerning the drive back. Not that much happened. We stopped at a bakery 5 minutes for my trailer and got yummy baked things for breakfast. Also two chocolate chip cookies the size of your face. Then we were on our way. Moments worth noting are really only one and it was not pleasant. we missed the I-70 exit on the toll road through Pennsylvania because their signage is non-existant. That meant that when we finally got to the toll booth (40 minutes out of our way still on the toll road) we owed an poutragous amount of $12.50. Cash or check only. Neither of which I had enough of. I was about $1.50 short. So we had to pull into the office next to the toll booths and fill out this form asying that we will send a check to them with a little extra tacked on. So now I have to worry about that. This contrasts greatly with the toll man at the bridge on the way to Newport. I had lost the only token I had left and had pulled over into the small parking area of the bridge office. This man in an ornage vest came over. I told him I was looking for my token when with a simple "here you go" he handed us a token. What a wonderful addition to the world, this kind charitable man. I wont go so far as to say that I hate PA as much as I hate NE. But I will try never to drive through there if I can help it.

Blah. So we got to Elises, slept, ate breakfast and then went straight home because we missed sacrament meeting at Julis ward (SORRY JULI!! We both feel horrible bor not stopping in Crawfordsville). Made it home with no other incidents.

I have to go to class again. I think that I will just have to do an installment 2 of my first days back home. Tune in next time for the adventures of the Kung Pow Buckaroo Cafe...


emily said...

YOUR face.

I mean, yum for those face-sized choco-chip cookies!

Your weekend tour with dad sounds SO ideal and wonderful-- the walks and hikes, the shops and good food, the conversation... I loved every detail!

Why do you say you'll never have money again? Did you quit B.E.?

Good luck with the rest of your classes... you'll settle in and begin breathing soon!!

Love you...

Sarah Lambson said...

I was hoping someone would say your face back! :)

Beckie said...

Sarah, that sounds delightful. I'm glad you got to share some of Rhode Island with Dad. Boo...I wish I could have seen it. And good luck on your classes. I bet writing intensive will be frustrating, but ultimately satisfying. What else are you taking??

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