Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So the question I have been getting most is, "What does this internship entail?". SO I am going to tell you.

Mostly, I will be working with the endangered Piping Plover, which is an adorable shorebird that makes me giggle when they walk. I'll also be working with vegetation and invasive species removal as well as other things. Here is the description they gave me.

Position Description: Assist with biological work, including protection of the federally threatened piping plover; collect vegetative data as part of research projects; remove invasive species to restore high quality wildlife habitat; provide support to the visitor services program by conducting visitor use surveys, calibrate traffic counters, provide photo documentation of refuge activities (including primarily biological programs); assist with operational tasks including construction and maintenance of trails, and maintenance of the grounds surrounding the visitor centers.

So I am pretty excited.

To answer Stevens question about the gift certificate, I was entered for a drawing for participating in a study observing how students learn about systematics. A Grad student is doing it in my Plant Taxonomy and Systematics class. I won the drawing for $75 dollars and because I am going the extra mile and letting her interview me for two 1.5 hr sessions, I get an extra $20. So theres that.

This week is awesome.


emily said...

i am really excited for you. You have such passion and drive for this field of study that i think getting some concrete, hands-on experience will be so good for you. So cool!!!
(and yeah, that plover is pretty cute.)

emily said...
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