Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I Remember and Miss

Happy Friday in Wind Ensemble-i.e. Copland's Hoe-Down.

Ridiculous kids movies that I can't watch anymore with out being ridiculed
-Pete's Dragon
-The My Little Pony Movie (I did watch this a while ago with Sapphire when I went to visit her in Kansas. We loved My Little Pony!)
-The Nutcracker Fantasy
-The Polar Bear King (just kidding!) Don't watch the whole clip unless you want gouge your eyes out because thats what you will want to do. (in truth the little kid in me loves that movie.)

Believing in Santa Clause.

Good Musicals. They just don't make them like they used to. Though I did really enjoy Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge.

When a big box or a pile of blankets and a few chairs were the most fun in the world.

Gas being a dollar.

Being a kid doing the Missourian paper route. I do not miss the early mornings, but I miss the adventures that I would have with myself.

Mary Morris and Sapphire Hodges, The two greatest friends in the world when I was a kid.

Being able to play in the McDonald's playplace.

Mountains (tee hee).

The magic of a fallen tree.

Snow Days.

Leaf houses in the back yard.

Recess. The time and the cartoon. In fact, I really miss One Saturday Morning.
-Pepper Anne
-The Weekenders
-The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (I dont think this was on One Saturday Morning. I seem to remember watching it after school.)

And Lets not forget
-Darkwing Duck
-Duck Tales
-Chip and Dale The Rescue Rangers
-Captain Planet

Sorry. I had a fit of cartoon nostalgia right there. Oh, the memories.

speaking of memories, a really fun website is

I also really miss toys. I can't believe all the fun I had with just a basket random bits from other old toys.

Playing Star Wars with Mary... and all those times that we would pretend that we were wolves. We loved wolves and Star wars.

Playing Mario Brothers with Christina and Mary.

Marys house. I tell you, it was the coolest house.

Good times on Love Oak Lane.

Trick Or Treating.

Playing the Marimba.

That was good for my soul. I miss a lot of things. I wish that life were as simple as it was when I was a kid. I know it's good to grow. But I also know that a life spent worrying about everything is not a fun life. It's the life I'm living right now. So many worries. I'll get through it though. I always do.


Steven said...

Ummm...we lived on LIVE Oak Lane. There really was very little love on that street. Remember the Koch brothers?

emily said...

yep... that nostalgia is pretty intense. I love this post. Thanks, sis.

(steven, you are SO critical. Let it go. Poop.)

Kirsten Lambson said...

Ugh, the Koch brothers. They ruined my childhood. Them, and that stupid kid that threw that rock at my head. Jerkface.

AHAHA! POLAR BEAR KING! I was going to watch the clip...but I didn't want to have my IQ drop right when I have finals all this week. Very unwise thing to do.

J.Ammon said...

You missed Muppet Babies and Bobby's World. And Pete's Dragon rocks!

Jeanne, the mom said...

I loved reading this. And, the comments. Steven, you always make me laugh - you, too, Emily. Sorry it took about a month to finally sit down and read it. Blogs are a great way into the minds of my children....

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