Sunday, March 3, 2013

On An Analogy and Lent

It's been quite a while. Every time I've gone to write an entry it seems excessively moody and self-pitying.

Now that I've gotten PAST that state, I think I'm ready to weasel my way back into the blogger-verse. 

And so...I give you an analogy I've been pondering lately.


She is the nail.

She may be galvanized, but she is not as strong as she seems.

But she does what she thinks is wanted of her.

Standing straight, she takes a satisfying plunge into the wood below with every new strike.

They are the hammers.

Each one taking its turn.

Every hit brings with it a thrill.  A smile.  

Because this is what is done, is it not?

That nail, she's just sitting there.  Standing.  Waiting.  What else is there to do?   

Soon she is flush with the plank.  


To end I offer a brief explanation for those who are confused. I hope this clears things up.

Note that I mean for this to be shared on the most amiable of terms.


I'm not Catholic.

I never have been.

Yet for the past 3 consecutive years I have observed, to some extent, Lent.

My first experience with Lent was in High School when I was friends with a Catholic girl.  She asked if I would give up something with her.  I complied.  Being in High School, I eventually failed (it was Soda and I LOVED me some Dr. Pepper).

In 2011, I decided I was going to give up Desserts (or sweets as some might consider them).  Those things that usually reside at the top of the food pyramid.  At least they did when I was in elementary school.

I did a pretty good job, I think.

So I did it again in 2012.

And again this year.  I'm surprised that it has been more challenging.  I feel I have more temptation and I'm more on my own.

This is the point I want to make.

I don't observe Lent because of some secret desire to join the Catholic church.  I've nothing against them but I am perfectly happy in my religion

I don't observe lent because I failed to follow through with my New Years resolution and this is my second chance.

I don't do this to gloat and show off my will power or to seek the attention of others.

I do it because it is a chance for me to prove to myself that I have self control.

I am in control of my actions.

I give up desserts every year because they are one of my weaknesses.

It says in the scriptures that God will make weak things become strong.

So this, I do for myself.

I think I should just start telling people that I am going on my own 40 day fast from my temptations instead "I'm doing Lent this year".  Maybe then my intentions would be clear.

Just wanted to clarify.

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Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

well said. The nail prose is good.

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