Friday, December 2, 2011

On November

I'll be honest. There is little to nothing motivating my to write this post. The simple truth is I have been putting off for the past month and as I watch life march by I just keep thinking of all the things I SHOULD be mentioning.

If I don't get this November entry posted I will feel like I left a whole months worth of my life out of the internet universe (which, to be honest, would NOT be the end of the world). And so I go through this constant conflict in my brain whenever I look at this unwritten post that goes something like this:

"I should write a blog post updating what's happened since my LAST blog post."

"But SO MUCH has happened! I don't want to think about consolidating it all..."

"But I need to start somewhere. Let's just get a couple lines down."


*types a couple lines*

"Blah. This is taking too long. Lets go do something more fun!"


*A Few Days Later*

"I should write a blog post updating what's happened since my LAST blog post."


It hasn't helped that in an attempt to NOT become an internet zombie during my current stint of unemployment, I have hidden my laptop in a corner of the living room. Out of sight and out of mind.

It's been liberating, actually. I don't spend hours updating social media, pinning, stumbling, and watching YouTube. Instead I spend my time waking up early, trying to get outdoors before it gets too cold, reading, applying for jobs, helping around the house, and watching episodes of my new addiction (which I shall not name here).

Since I spend less time on the internet, I have less motivation to blog.

But the gaping hole of November is growing ever wider and deeper and I just need to get this over with.

So, in fast, concise bullet style I am going to update my life for my small bundle of readers.

-I'm back in Columbia, Missouri now
-$444 of repairs got me and my over-stuffed car safely here
-I visited sisters along the way (Syracuse, NY and Lafayette, IN and St. Louis, MO-Thanks for the hospitality and wonderful time, gals!)
-I said goodbye to my life in Maine (tragic, really)
-I experienced a full on digestive system rebellion as a result of Thanksgiving
-I've gotten back on my bike and my backside is not thanking me
-I've been exploring Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
-I applied to 5 jobs so far, had an interview with 1 (A Doctor's Assistant position at All Creature's Animal Hospital), and don't think any of them will be responding.
-I cooked some awesome food
-I discovered red velvet cake chocolate tea
-I've fallen in love with Beef Jerky

Wow, I think that's it really. I feel like more happened. I guess it just seemed that way with all the packing and worrying about my car and saying goodbye that happened in the first two weeks of the month.

Well, it's December now.

I feel I have become considerably more boring since my return home.

Here are some pictures.

Decorative pumpkin with little mummy pumpkin (painted on Halloween)

Decorative pumpkin and black cat pumpkin

Goodbye house of Kathy. I will miss you.

Megunticook River and old mill

Mechanic Street, Camden (smoke stack)

Horse outside the MOST (Museum Of Science & Technology) in Syracuse, NY

Elise crouching inside a giant heart at the MOST

Model train set at the MOST

Elise was almost eaten by a T-Rex at the MOST

The only thing I made for Thanksgiving that turned out exactly how I planned (Cranberry Brie bites)

There. It's done. Updates after a month silence are never interesting. The fun and exciting thoughts of the moment are lost when you let them pass by. And all that's left are these vague impressions of how you felt-impressions which don't seem to matter much anymore now that the event has passed.


Now what?

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