Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On The Beginning of my Last Month

I just got done savoring every bite and licking my fingers of a meal I have been anticipating for at LEAST a month.

Italian Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash Rings

This was the best I have ever had.

I bought the acorn squash at the Common Ground Fair (something I still need to post about). For the past two and a half weeks it's sat on top of my cupboard. Just CALLING to me. But I never had the time! I've been doing delicious QUICK meals, like asparagus grilled cheese.

Anyway, tonight was the night. I made sure of it.

I don't have pictures. Sorry. It took a while to cook and by the time it was done it was FAR too dark to take any kind of picture to do it justice.

But picture THIS.

A perfectly sweet, melt in your mouth, acorn squash ring, baked to perfection. And in the center? Juicy Italian sausage with a blend of spinach cheddar bread crumbs (from a Maine made loaf I bought from the local market), fresh garlic, onion, organic pepper, garden sage, garden rosemary, (and of course an egg), a little salt, and a little lemon pepper. I'm not hungry after the one I just ate, but I am DROOLING over this right now.

I could have eaten every single ring. But I still have 3 left (after leaving one for Kathy). JOY!!!!

When I bought the squash, I thought it was a little small. The woman at the farm stand told me it was a smaller variety but that it was better than it's larger relative. Sweeter.

She wasn't kidding. I just about ate the rind because I was trying to hard to get every little bit of squash! SO GOOD!!

And for me this meal is a fall ESSENTIAL-right up there with apple pie, everything pumpkin, roasted and candied almonds, and cider.

It is most CERTAINLY fall here in Maine. The color finally arrived LITERALLY overnight this past weekend. I climbed up Mt. Battie on Saturday (there was a little color here and there) and by Sunday morning the reds, yellows, and oranges were smacking me in the face! And each day brings more.

I'm SO glad I am here for this beautiful time of year.

This season, this meal, this BEAUTY represents the beginning of the end. The start of my last month.

I've started packing.

Nothing intense or anything. I just don't want to put it off to my last week. I want my last week here in Maine to be relaxed. So my books are now packed in boxes. A small step, but a step nonetheless.

I have a new phone. WOO! My old phone, which was actually Elise's old phone (which I had to use after mom's old phone's screen died, which I was only using because Steven's old phone's speaker stopped working) was on it's last leg. And this is actually DAD'S new upgrade which I am using until I can renew my contract and get my OWN new phone.

Whatever. It's a new phone. And it makes me smile. I love getting calls and texts right now so CALL/TEXT ME!!

It's tea at every meal kind of weather. I love that.

Today my lunch was sage cheddar cheese (made in Maine), Maine native honey crisp apple slices, and avocado on a slice of that spinach cheddar bread.

GOSH I am going to miss living here if only for the FOOD!

Every once in a while on my walk to work, I pass this kind old man walking his BLACK BEAR.

Okay, it's not really a bear, but it might as well be! It's this huge Newfoundland. And this dog is the sweetest thing. He always comes to my side of the street to say hello-and his owner can't stop him because he's so HUGE! I don't think I would ever own a dog that giant, but I do love petting his big furry head.

When I walk to work, I cant stop smiling because of each new revelation of color.

I found this old book that I forgot I bought. It's called "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady". It's "A facsimile reproduction of a naturalist's diary". And it's my favorite thing in the whole world right now. It goes through each month, quoting old sayings, poetry, and thoughts of the season. And on each page is a color photo done in the mimic of a watercolor. Often it's of flowers but you get birds and wildlife as well. It like something out of my own SOUL. I will never let this book go.

Javier is holding it together. Barely. He either needs a $200 band-aid or an $800 new Kidney. I wish he could take one of those pills Dr. McCoy gives the old lady in Star Trek IV and she grows a new kidney.

I have a new dream. But I'm afraid to share it. Kind of like not telling people what you wished for. But it's there-and for once, I hope I never let this one go.

I've discovered that I love blogging. Here on THIS blog, I suppose. But even more on my review blog. I have so many started posts that are just waiting to be finished. Including one on my favorite horror movie.

You all should go check it out so that I feel validated. It's for YOU after all!

I'm planning a weekend of seed collecting, leaf rubbing, fort building, and apple crisp making. With 2-4 kids. It's the Autumn Exploration Camp that I organized and it's kind of my last hurrah. And only 2 people signed up for the first day, and 4 for the second. Yeah, that's not a lot. But I am determined to have an amazing time and no one can stop me!

As much as I love being here, I really miss the Renaissance Festival (I hate the word Renaissance by the way. I can NEVER spell it right).

Here are some Autumn Pictures.

I WISH I HAD A BETTER CAMERA!!! (I really am going to get a good one some day and either take classes or teach myself photography-that's PART of my dream-a part I am willing to share).

One of the many old houses that I pass every day. This one looked particularly nice in the fall morning sunlight.

First Frost.

What I call the Megunticook Falls which is really a part of the Megunticook river just before the old mill.

Washington street draped in color

A farm pasture that I passed on my way to the car repair place

The Camden Hills on a misty fall morning


More cows.

That's the Snow Bowl ski slope in the distance there. I wish I had the change to ski while I was here.

Fall is here, my time is limited, and life is progressing.

It's that time of year.

Time for change.


Kirsti said...

Are you starting to do some editing on your photos? Just some basic photoshop or something? Because if you have a simple point-and-click and you're getting those images unaltered, that is FREAKING AMAZING. And I'm jealous.

I'm also jealous of your autumn life. I haven't been able to make acorn squash rings yet nor have I been able to revel in the colors in Utah. Blah.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Nice photos and blog.....

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