Friday, September 16, 2011

On Prefect Moments

I'm into my last two months in Maine.

What does this mean for your truly? It means that I will spend most of my workday at the computer. It means that I will scramble to get the things done that I promised I would finish before I leave.

It means that I dread going to work every single morning.

I find that overall the weeks are drab, though swift. The days are difficult and tend to drag. I can barely focus on the tasks at hand. Not when crisp autumn days await me outside this dungeon of an office. But I know that I have work enough to do. More than I think I will be able to finish. And I know that it's ME that controls the outcome of each day. And so I DO what's expected of me. I go through the files, I research the costs of installing interpretive signs, I e-mail potential speakers, I type up the years curriculum, I organize the supplies, I clean the office space.

And in all this time, as I am forcing myself to focus, I ache for something better.

But this post is not about all the things in my life that I want to whine about. It's about finding those perfect little moments in the day.

And so I will take you through THIS day. This Friday. And I will share with you those moments where I remembered to be happy and content.

It began with the morning. 6:00am gets darker and darker as time goes on. It makes it harder and harder to get up. Especially this morning. Because I was wearing fuzzy socks. Because I was under three soft layers of bed covers. Because I had just woken from a dream where a horribly depressed Eric Bana and I were very much in love.

And even though I had to FORCE myself to not hit the snooze ONE MORE TIME, all these things meant something (well, not the weird dream). These things meant Fall. REAL FALL. My favorite time of year, no contest. I savor these days. I live for them. And today is the first day it's really felt like actual AUTUMN. And so I allowed myself little moments in my walk to work. Here, as the sun was rising over Mt. Battie. Or there with the crisp breeze through the slowly changing leaves.

The morning was so beautiful, that I could NOT allow myself to be confined to the basement right away. I made my way, instead, the the children's garden.

There, I was greeted by many welcome friends.

Like these lovely girls. I do not exaggerate when I say that my face broke into a beaming smile when I caught sight of these gloriously happy flowers. Mammoth Sunflowers. I spent a good 15 minutes taking picture of them.

There were also these friends.

Morning Glory's that took over the trellis along with the beans while I was gone in Missouri.

And then there is this little guy.

One of two tiny eggplants. I am pretty sure they won't get big enough to eat before the first frost. I just planted them too late. But it's nice to know they are there.

Alas, this trip into the garden could not last. My days of spending hours in the garden at Merryspring are over.

I got to work and was unhappy with being stuck in the office. I spent my whole morning in there. Doing what I do. But after lunch, I planned my escape. Under the pretense of searching for late summer wildflowers and plotting the course of the interpretive trail, I took to the woods and fields of Merryspring. I often feel obligated to come up with a good reason to "walk the property" and today I could NOT pass up the chance to enjoy the weather. I admit that in my first 15 minutes out there I headed straight for a randomly placed picnic table in the middle of a field, receiving full sunlight. I let myself lay there, soaking it all in for a time.

Get ready for a picture of me.

BAM! There I am. I kind of look like a man. But here I am, un-prettied. You can see the red in my hair (I DESPERATELY want red headed children).

I then hiked in the woods, to my favorite places, and to corners of the property I have rarely seen.

These are a late yellow aster that has been brightening the fields for the past month or so.

WOAH. Crazy plants. I believe THESE are the fruit of a Jack-In-The-Pulpit. This one is actually rather large and took me by surprise.

Walks through the woods can be one of THE most healing experiences. As I made my way along the unfrequented trails of our arboretum, I saw many things.

Green things.

Fallen things.

Orange things.

Paper things.

There were also THESE things.

And THIS thing.

This little friend hitched a ride for who KNOWS how long. But I forgave him, because he was pretty.

Sometimes I don't get a day like this with LOTS of perfect moments. Sometimes the perfect moments are simply in a mug of chamomile tea at 10am, or in a 5 minutes Pinterest break. Every other day or so, I find a perfect moment in picking tomatoes or nibbling on husk cherries in the children's garden. I make it a point to take my lunch to my favorite bench along one of the trails and eat it there. Then lie under the leaves of the large beech shades it. It's quiet and secluded there and I am never disturbed. This is the BEST moment of my day and I find it getting longer and longer as it gets harder and harder to return to that uncomfortable chair and that glaring computer screen.

I usually enjoy my walk home, but today it was particularly wonderful. There was a definite spring in my step that had everything to do with the weather, anticipation of new food creations, and a wonderfully hopeful conversation I'd had with my mother shortly before. AND COLDPLAY. I have been addicted to them lately.

When I DID get home, THIS happened.

Raw kale salad with dried apricots, roasted almonds, a chopped peach tomato (from the children's garden), avocado, and Parmesan cheese, all tossed lightly in a raspberry vinaigrette and garnished with Lemon Gem marigold flowers (they have a peppery, slightly lemony flavor). It was wonderful and I've been anticipating it all week. I also love this bowl of Kathy's that I ate it out of.

Another perfect moment was coming home to Jane Eyre as my new Netflix and a package from Mom and Dad with yummy cookies and a dvd.

Soon, I will curl up with a little dark chocolate, some homemade cinnamon sugar popcorn (popped in a paper bag-supposedly it works!), and a mug of hot tea and watch Jane Eyre. Then I will burrow under the covers and dream of apple cider, pumpkin EVERYTHING, and soup.

Thank goodness today was BRIMMING with perfect moments. If only I could collect them, keep them in a jar, and distrubite them out when I most need them.

I hope YOUR days are filled with perfect moments as well.

And really, it's only 7 more weeks with a wonderful fair, a visit from mom and dad, apple picking, and a spectacular Autumn to break up the monotony.


Beckie said...

Man, I was hoping for a blog post about Prefect moments/incidents involving Percy, Hermione or Ron. Alas.
Also, I wish my day were filled with perfect moments like yours. The weather is helping...for instance, today is gray and gloomy with a chill in the air (my FAVE) and all I want to do is to not be working with inept customers and instead be curled up on couch with Max, a throw, and a hot bev as well. But soon, couch, soon I will be there.
Keep enjoying those moments, as they are what makes adulthood worth the effort.

And next time, give me a prefect moment as well.

Anonymous said...

This was a prefect (oops, I mean perfect) blog post.

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