Monday, August 15, 2011

On 10 Days Off

Highlights from my 10 Day Vacation (the ups and the downs)
  • Thinking my flight was on Thursday instead of Wednesday and costing over $300 the ticket changes to the next day
  • The never-ending flight to Phoenix
  • A wonderful warm greeting from my mother
  • Trying on my dress and being enchanted (Mom you are THE GREATEST)
  • Seeing the bride to be the night before and thinking about how much things are going to change
  • Painting my nails for the first time since...well, EVER. (I wasn't very good at it)
  • Feeling terrified of suddenly being responsible for two toddlers and an infant. Then said infant sleeping through the wedding and the toddlers entertaining themselves rather well. Boy, did I get lucky.
  • MEETING LUCY FOR THE FIRST TIME. What a precious little terror.
  • Kirsten in her dress-her hair, the train, how happy she looked. What a cute couple.
  • Oh. My. Gosh. The FOOD at the luncheon. Chicken Salad, turkey avocado, croissants, PASTA SALAD (one of my VERY favorite things), and that carrot cake. YUM.
  • Nap.
  • Problem after problem trying to get things prepped for the reception. But then things working out (as they always do).
  • Getting anxious at other peoples stress.
  • CREPES+NUTELLA (and strawberry water, orange water, lemon water).
  • Late night, LOOOOOONG drive, guessing movie soundtrack music, restless led syndrome, BLAAAH, (Kansas I hate you), home.
  • SADIE!!!!!
  • Bob Evans
  • Watching all the first 5 Harry Potter movies (LOVE.)
  • Good home food.
  • Mario Cart/Mario Bros. YAY!!
  • Flatbranch
  • SHOPPING (something I usually hate. But I had saved $100 and had an awesome big sis to help me through it.)
  • My virgin trip to Lonnie Rays. Things that stand out-pulled pork nachos, Green Bean Casserole, Pulled Pork Nachos, their sauce, PULLED PORK NACHOS, Spaceballs playing on the TV, and the random guy who interviewed our table. Oh, and pulled pork nachos.
  • Sparkey's
  • Rubber band fight with the new in-law.
  • Nice long hike in Rock Bridge State Park-not long enough
  • The cicadas singing-I actually MISS that. A lot.
  • Thunder Storm
  • The other reception-That MUSIC. Those COOKIES. How dark it felt.
  • Oh my gosh, BISCUTS! CINNAMON RAISIN. With a sugary, buttery glaze. What could be better?
  • A random drive from Columbia to St. Louis with the Merrill's
  • A nice relaxing Saturday with Emily, Joe, Noah, and Lucy.
  • SONIC.
  • More Flying
  • Being back in Maine but feeling (more than I ever did last year) that I want to go back home. I want to be done here. Not done with MAINE, but done with Merryspring. I want to start moving on and preparing for the next stage of my life. I feel like I can't do that until I am done here. At least not mentally.

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