Friday, July 1, 2011

On 300 Posts

This is post 300. I'm above a few people in the blog verse, and behind many more. But 300 is an accomplishment.

I suppose you are expecting something amazing. Some topic or revelation that will FLOOR you.

I hate to disappoint. Today is just another day and this is, after all, just another post on this self-indulgent pocket of internet space.

And so here are a few little shots of my life as it is in this moment.

-I admit that right now, I am blogging when I should be filling our reports. I find that I get SO easily distracted when I have to do desk work that I hate. That's why I would much rather be outside working on things that keep me occupied. I'll stay a little later after today to make up for this.

-Tonight, I am going to watch Return of the King on the projector with the new and wonderful speakers. I am SOOOOO excited for the last Harry Potter film. I am reading book 7 again. So yes, you could say I am finding time to encourage my nerdiness.

-I chew gum. A LOT. Anytime I am not eating I am probably chewing gum. Not CHOMPING. Quietly chewing. I hope my chin won't start jutting out like a violin. But I do thins because it keeps me from wanting to snack on things I don't need. It keeps me from crunching ice. And it makes the walks to and from work easier.

-I both love and hate the nails that I now have. How do people keep them in such good shape? And the same length?!?

-I take the long way too AND from work now. And I love it. Taking a nice long hour to get to work really makes my mornings wonderful.

-I have gotten to the point in learning guitar where I know enough chords to try and learn songs. So I have neglected the lesson book that I got with the guitar. I need to go back to those basics.

-The passionate desire to keep bees has been reawakened within me. I want to keep bees, have chickens, a garden with flowers, herbs, and vegetables, I want to be sustainable, and most of all (I know this may be a pipe dream) I want to build my own earth-friendly home. And I want to raise my kids to be as passionate about the earth as I am.

-I have a new mini-crush. His name is Mike. He works with a group of handicapped guys and gals and he has started to bring them to Merryspring to do service. He loves gardens and plants and doing work. He loves the outdoors. He's pretty cute...and he's married. So we are going to move on from that mini-crush.

-I am excited to make BLT macaroni salad, A lentil cherry basil salad, dark chocolate peanut butter banana bread, and smoked Gouda turkey burgers. I am also excited to try zucchini pizza, black bean and corn tortilla pie, crab hush-puppies, and any other recipe that I have recently discovered.


-I have decided that sometime between September and November I will climb Mt. Katahdin.

-7 pounds away from my end of July goal. I can DO this!

-I am alternately TERRIFIED about my uncertain future and EXCITED for the wealth of potential options there are for me. So basically when I think about my future I am a nervous wreck of excitement and terror.

-I do love Camden-the cute town, the Camden Hills, the Library, the Camden Green, the farmers market. So even though Maine in general has yet to WOW (I'm sure it will happen), I do love where I am right now.

-My obsession of going to school in Rhode Island is fading. More and more I see myself going to school out west.

-I still wish I knew more nerdy people here.

-I watched "Everything is Illuminated" and it reminded me just how much I LOVE looks that say everything. And Elijah Wood pulls them off SO well. Like at the end of Return of the King when he turns and smiles and gives everyone a little nod. I want to be able to do that someday.

-I think my brain is hungry for reality. I have started this documentary kick and I want to read lots of non-ficiton and real world realistic fiction. When I think of reading science fiction, fantasy I just think "that's not real, though. I know it's fun, but I am filling my mind with a world that could never be and right now that is not what I crave." This is all very new and strange to me. Who am I becoming?

-And most of all, I have fallen into my usual summer trap of discovering new music.

And so, in a fashion similar to THIS post, I am going to give you my June/July playlist.

I do this because, as previously mentioned, I love music. I love discovering new music. I also love SHARING music with people. There is no pressure for you to listen to it or to love it or to even LIKE it a single BIT. But this is the musical me. A snapshot of the emotions and sounds that are playing through my head at this point in my life. And I just wanted to share it with you.

These are in alphabetical order. And not all are new songs, but rather RE-DISCOVERED songs

1. Bee of the Bird of the Moth: They Might Be Giants-as is typical of TMBG, this song is pretty much random and has no real purpose. But I listened to it ALL during pollinator week in June. And fell in love. Now I can't get enough of it.

2. Cameras: Matt & Kim-THANK YOU Kirsti for introducing me to Matt & Kim. I LOVE this song. That's all I have to say.

3. Don't Stop (Color on the Walls): Foster the People-I'm not sure why, but I like songs with whistling. I think it's because they sound so carefree. LOVE this song right now. I will say that the maniacal child laughing in the background IS a little unsettling.

4. Drops of Jupiter: Train-Okay, so I bought this song YEARS ago with several other songs by Train. I went on a Train kick. About a month after buying them I was SO BORED with them. And so for the past 4 years, probably, I have passed over these songs, unimpressed. Then this one came up on iTunes and I listened. And remembered why I fell in love with it in the first place. Is it an AMAZING song? No. But it reaches into the deepest corners of nostalgia and makes me smile.

5. Elephant Gun: Beirut-I discovered this on A place for discovering music. I like the folk sound of the song. But a FOREIGN folk music. Not American folk music. And while the song is mostly simple there is a passion hidden underneath.

6. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall: Coldplay-First of all, with all the other songs I didn't do the music videos. But with THIS one I feel you HAVE to watch the music video. WATCH IT!!! Okay, this is their new single. Which means a NEW CD SOON!! And this song is the greatest thing in the world right now (just like the album will be the greatest thing in my life when it comes out).

7. Feelin' Good: Muse-Muse's take on the jazzy song Feelin' Good. And every lyric of this song applies to me right now. P.S. the music video for this song is FREAKY. If you feel like watching it HERE it is.

8. Fire with Fire: Scissor Sisters-I could only find a music vid for this one. Watch if you want, I guess. This song was free on iTunes. And the more I listened, the more I loved it. I think it's because his voice reminds me of an 80's band.

9. Fix You: Coldplay-Another good music video. So watch it. This song is just ALWAYS perfect for healing and making you feel like things are going to be just fine. You feel like he GETS it and is saying "It's okay. You'll make it through".

10. Forget Myself:Elbow-Give me a song with a good andante beat (maybe a little faster), stand out lyrics, and sing along harmonies and I am SOLD.

11. Gold: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova-From Once. The quality of this video is not great. But I LOVE this song right now. It makes me think of all things spring and summer (which have a golden hue in my eyes for the most part).

12. Green Eyes: Coldplay-Another Coldplay song, I know. I have been on a Coldplay kick for the past....well....6 years or so? I am learning this song on guitar. I almost have all the chords and I am getting better. When I listen to this song, I either wish I had green eyes or had someone in my life who has green eyes. Also, I am going to think up lyrics to this song about trees or plants. Calling it green leaves or green trees or something. And then I will play it for the garden kids.

13. Landslide: Dixie Chicks-I agree with Emily that this is my favorite version of this song. As with all folky blue grass style music I love the harmonies and simplicity of the message. I LOVE this song and I love the Dixie Chicks.

14. A Makeover: Shearwater-I really wish I could find a video for this one. But here is a taste of the lyrics "I'm like an architect, cashed his check but he doesn't let on that it's the last one he'll get. Though he knows the funds have run dry, he wants to have fun for one final night, staring out at the skyline he'll never change. They're saying, 'though we like all the things that you've made notice no one remembers your name..." I like how this songs puts an emphasis on things of this world that are transient. Things don't last forever. You have to love them while they ARE happening-and then look on to the future and not get stuck in the past.

15. Polka Face: Weird Al-His latest polka from his latest album. This needs no other explanation or introduction.

16. Pumped Up Kicks: Foster the People-I know, I know, another Foster the People song. But it's SO GOOD! Kirsti introduced this song to me as well. And I think it's amusing that we both love it so much when you listen to the chorus. It's a little darker than you would expect! Also, there is whistling again. LOVE the whistling.

17. Raised on Black and Tans: Gaelic Storm-Just a fun song. Makes me wish I was Irish.

18. Somewhere Only We Know: Keane-Always a classic. This song ALWAYS makes me thing of that semester of college I was having a hard time with classes. I would go to Proctor Park at those times and walks the over-gown path through the woods. I felt like it was a park few people knew about or paid attention to. It was a place I could go to be at peace and with no company but an occasional deer or barred owl.

19. Violin: Amos Lee-This song is beautiful and melancholy and lilting. And I can't listen to it enough lately.

20. Young Blood: The Naked and Famous-This is a summer song if ever there was one. I still feel young and I want to hold on to that forever.

Block after Block (Matt & Kim), Rollerblades (Eliza Doolittle) get honorable mention for making it onto my favorite songs playlist again. I figured you already heard these on the previous post.

There you go. Post 300 on the first day of July in 2011. Written during my "long lunch" break (a siesta!).

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