Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On Ducks and Plant Lables

I have decided that for the sake of everybody I need to be a more frequent poster.

As someone who likes to take photos (no matter how non-professional they may look), I get EXHAUSTED after posting an entry of several weeks of built up photos. I'm sure you are all exhausted after reading and viewing said photo dump posts.

So, in an attempt to avoid posts like the last one I am going to try and post picture soon after I have taken them. Even if that means posting several times a week (is that more or LESS annoying than massive photo posts?)

Anyway, lets move on. I do have some pictures I want to share with you. It all started with my usual walk to work. Luckily, the weather has really improved lately. It's in that perfect stage where the early morning is cool as are the nights so I don't feel hot when I sleep and the air coming in through the open window is perfect. The days are warm sometimes. Maybe getting into the 80's, and there is a TOUCH of humidity but nothing to scream in rage about (as I might have in MO). The roses are finally starting to bloom and they fill the air with a variety of heavenly fragrances.

I hope that this weather lingers as long as the winter and the chilly mists did.

So, back to the point. I was walking across the river when I spotted a family of ducks.

Here they are! A mamma and her little younglings (yeah, yeah, I DID just make that reference. So there. What are YOU going to do about it?)

I sure hope this video uploads because this was easily the best part of my day.

I watched as this mother duck guided her trailing team of tiny tots (take THAT alliteration!) up the Megunticook river. This is a tricky bit of the rivers because there is a waterfall effect created, I imagine, by the mill to help along production and such.

Here is the second part of their venture. This is after they passed under the bridge. I hope THIS video works too.

She would try a way, realize it was a little too challenging, and try a new way. But they eventually made it out of my sight. I wish I could have seen how they got up the actual falls! But (assuming the video works) you cannot deny that this is pretty cute and fun to watch.

Speaking of cute, remember that chipmunk from my last post?

Well I helped myself to another serving of cuteness. Either this is the same chipmunk, or ALL the chipmunks around here freeze for a photo-op when they see someone with a camera. He didn't move so I got a PRETTY good shot. Not AMAZING (someday I will have a really nice camera and be able to take really nice photos).

And now some more of what I have been up to with the children's garden.


I'll admit that I had a lot of fun painting them. Even though I could have just written the names of the plants in permanent marker.

Here is a random caterpillar.

And here is the delicious dinner I made for myself the other night. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches made with rye cocktail bread. They had sharp white cheddar, granny smith apple, avocado, and turkey bacon. The soup is tomato parmesan (from a can but still really good).

As you can see, I also had yummy steamed veggies. And I am going to have the same thing tonight!

Anyway, there you have it. There isn't much to report since last time. But at least that's a few less photos to add to the ext post.

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