Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Family

It's mothers day. So why is my post not titled "on mothers"? Because today, the thought that occurred to me over and over was "I am endlessly blessed to be a part of my earthly family".

This still applies to mothers because without OUR mother, I would not be here and neither would any of my siblings. We would not be the wonderful, loving unit that we are without the constant nurturing and guidance of worthy parents.

And so, today, in honor of MY mother and all the blessed and inspired decisions she has made (starting with marrying a wonderful, worthy priesthood holder) I am going to express my love to my entire family.

We have our moments-moments not befitting grown adults. We have times where we can drive each other up the wall. We would not be family if we didn't. But, those moments are INSIGNIFICANT next to the love we have for each other.

We offer constant support to one another. We rejoice in each others victories and grieve for each others losses. We laugh together and cry together (and I love that A LOT of that laughing and crying can happen while watching The Lord of the Rings). When we are apart, we MISS each other. When we are together, we GLOW in each others company. Whenever one of us begins to slip and fall, 8 other hands reach out to catch us.

We have all grown as such wonderful and intelligent adults. We share with one another all that we have.

I could say that this speaks highly of each of us and it DOES. But more than that, it speaks highly of our mother.

Without her and our father's combined influence and guidance, we would surely be treading dangerous paths. I'm not saying that each of us hasn't strayed in one way or another. But we have never gone too far. And it was the love of our earthly parents that keeps us together.

We may all go our separate ways. Beckie might go to Hawaii. Elise to the the east for school. I have no idea where *I* am going to go after I am done here (SO far away from you all in Maine). But we will always be drawn home to those two wonderful people who brought us as perfect, untainted little souls into this world.

And for that, I have no words strong enough to express the gratitude I feel.

I am humbled. I am brimming.

I feel overcome with love.

So THANK YOU mom, for our wonderful family. And THANK YOU family for being my companions in this earthly experience.


Julina said...

I'd say I love you, too - but given your statement, "But, those moments are INSIGNIFICANT next to the love we have for each other.", it seems kinda redundant ;D

Just kidding - love you, sis!

Ellaniemae said...

Please consider my two hands also... I love and miss everyone too.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

beautifully said. thanks

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