Sunday, December 12, 2010

On this time in my life

Some things seem to be coming together, while others do not.

The ones that do not are really all because of my own procrastination.

I think I have a place to live when I move to Maine! It's with a woman who designs handbags. You can go to her site HERE. They are pretty cool. She lives in a house that was built in 1910 and is on a hill overlooking Penobscot Bay. It's in Owls Head Maine which is really close to Rockland which is about 20 minutes away from where I will work in Camden. She loves little dogs. She is willing to look into getting basic cable and wireless internet. She it prompt in her responses. She says she has been living in that house for 22 years so she is middle age or older. She lives a quiet lifestyle and likes small dinner parties but not Partaaaaay parties (yay for me!). I cannot WAIT to love so close to the ocean!

It seems like the perfect situation. I am going to call her Monday night and get a little more information from her.

The best part?

$400/month utilities included! No pet deposit! I don't think I could find a better deal.

Work is going by swimmingly. I make SOOOO much more money working mornings than I did working nights (even with closing 4-5 nights a week). It's nice to actually have substantial money in my account!

You know what else is nice? Not forgetting that Christmas is only two weeks away. I haven't done ANNNYYY shopping!

Also, I think Sadie still resents me for not being around all those 10 months. I'm pretty sure she no longer sees me as her owner.

Classic Christmas music is WONDERFUL. What's not wonderful are all the lame re-makes. Vom.

Tangled is cute, though not an instant classic like all those Disney movies of my childhood were. Is it just because I am older and jaded?

Ahhhh! I need to feed my birds!

How easy do you think it would be to make Pestilence Pony? Not very if you want it to be an exact replica with ALL that detail. But Here is my attempt.

Side Shot.

OTHER side shot.
Slightly off center frontal view.
Close up on facial detail
Close up on rear end symbol.

First I tookA pony very similar to this one and pulled all but the yellow hair out.

That took a while. Then I painted her yellow and did all the rest.

This is what the REAL Pestilence Pony looks like. I was going to try for all the texture and all, but it seemed too involved. Especially since this is a Secret Santa gist with a $10 limit.

So there you have it. The tale of my Arts and Crafts project. I told Kirsti this is my artistic rendition of Pestilence Pony. NOT an exact replica.

Merry Christmas, Rick! You're very own Pony of the Apocalypse!

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