Saturday, May 8, 2010

"2x3 is 6 and 3x6 is 18 and the 18th letter of the alphabet if "R"."

So, as promised here is the blog that is going to blow you away.

Well, not really.

It's just the blog that is going to take you on a visual journey of Earth day, a brief two picture journey of my birthday, a a good long road trip of planting day.

Get ready.

This is the lovely hat that everyone has to wear for their birthday. Everyone also has to add something new to it on their birthday. I have yet to be struck with inspiration.
This is the amazing Birthday Banner that Megan, Rachel, Will, and Sarah made for me. Note all the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars details! Oh, and Rachel decided to be funny and add "team Jacob" there. I am indeed team Jacob if I were to consider myself on ant team involving Stephanie Meyer's vampire novels.
Someone kicked me in the ribs.
Just kidding. Actually a tree fell on me and I got a flail rib fracture.
Still kidding. I had to pretend that a tree fell on me and that I got a flail rib fracture. They had me don the bruise makeup to make it more realistic. The joys of Wilderness First Responder training.
Here I happened to be near an explosion of fireworks which threw me down a hill and under a bench. I fractured my femur which severed my femoral artery which bled out. I also had various minor lacerations and superficial burns. I eventually died of shock because my care givers started putting traction on the wrong leg. It was a hard day.
Once I died I got this lovely B written on me designating me a black patient. Black means dead.
Luckily I was resurrected so that I could revive a woman who had been struck by lightning. We also had to carry out another woman who had a bleeding fracture wound properly tractioned. I was during this litter carrying journey out of the back country that I suffered my second "falling waist deep into the mud" experience in as many SCA internships. See Tuesday August 5th 2008 post.
There I was walking next to the litter in the marsh. There wasn't enough room on the boardwalk. I wasn't afraid to get a little dirty. As I walked in the muck next to the boardwalk we came upon some standing water. I was a little hesitant. Who knew how deep it was? I tried to get the attention of the other litter carriers but being below them (literally. walking in the marsh meant I was walking below them) they didn't hear me very well. "It can't be more than ankle deep" I thought. So on I went. And with a mighty splash and a surprised gasp, I was waist deep in the mud with my left leg sinking deeper and deeper.
At first everyone was concerned but as soon as I managed to hoist myself onto the boardwalk and it was sure that I had avoided the clutches of the very "sucky" mud laughter began to ring out from every corner of the woods. I laughed along of course because more than anything I was relieved. This time, unlike last time, I managed to remember to put my cell phone into a safe place. It was not ruined and I was just glad to be done with the day.

Now we have several Earth Day pictures. It was a fun and successful day and TONS of fun. It was also beautiful.
This is a picture of kids playing with homemade bubbles and bubble makers.
Henna! This was a huge hit.
Abby plays the pine cone toss with the cutest little girl.
Martha face paints! This was also very popular.
Puppet show! There's me as a squirrel, Jeremy's wife as Desmond the dog, and Max and Peter as aliens.
The parking space. Nature right in the middle of the city!
Paper making! Those kids are so creative.
Little boys learning to mix it up.
These boys were singing a song by The Jackson 5. How cute? Very.
Mixing it up with the Apostles. These guys were great by the way.
This dog looks like it might be choking to death. Or sneezing.
Here are our wonderful rapping MC's the Apostles. They were actually quite entertaining.
Sidewalk chalk!
The backs of the puppeteers and the crowd that came to see our first show. It was a pretty good crowd.
Here starts the section concerning planting day. This is the before of the garden. Not too bad but not the nicest place in the world.
Step 1: mark where we want to start digging for EXPANSION!
Step 2: give 40 kids something to do.
Step 3: Dig up all that sod. What a nice line of child labor workers...I mean...
Step 4: Conquer roots and look triumphant!
Step 5: stop listing steps. These are some of the girls who helped decorate rocks.
Along with the garden, the kids mulched various locations at the front of the school.
This girl worked all day for us and had a blast! She wins the most motivated prize.
This is Dominique. She killed the plant she is cradling by stepping. She deserves to look forlorn.
Showing off the first stage of the sign in the cafeteria.
Showing excitement!
There she is again. I wish all the kids were as hard working as she was. We would have finished in half the time.

Painting the bench.
Working on the sign.
The soil shovelers. They had fun finding centipedes.
Here is one of those centipedes. It's on my hand. It was freakin' awesome.
More mulching at the front. Teyvon worked really hard that day which was surprising because he's one of those kids who needs constant supervision. I mean constant. He has a teacher aid follow him around the whole day.
And here it is completed! Me and my team had a City Year take this triumphant picture.
One view.
The bench.
This sign was from last year but the rocks are this year.
The completed sign and the sign crew members.
Having fun rock painting.
View 2 of the completed garden.

So there it is.

Would you say I have a plethora of pictures?

I have to tell you, with picture posts I find that I am nowhere near as eloquent as I have to potential to be. Maybe that has something to do with that 1000 word rule put on images. All the words they have to say are taken so I can't think of any others.

Things are going well. Interp season is starting and we are getting into the swing of things.

No I don't know what park I am going to be in. I wont know for a couple more weeks. Stop asking me.

If you want a good way to contact me during the day and most evenings ask Jeanne Lambson. She has a number that you can call. It's the number to Bear Brook and it is likely that someone will answer so ask for "Lambson" and they will find me. Most people call me Lambson now.

Other than that, Happy Mothers Day, Happy Birthday to Steven and Juli if I don't get a post done before those days. My mid year break is in 17 days and counting.

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Julina said...

Yeah, 2 hrs of talking couldn't quite give me the picture like, well, the pictures :) Thanks for the explanations. Glad you didn't *actually* die :)

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