Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"He's so mercifully free of the pressures of grace

This update will be short and to the point.

-There is way too much drama. Apparently, people cannot act like mature adults for more than 4 weeks.

-Having met with the teachers I am working with, I am now more nervous that I was before. Teaching these 8th graders is going to be hard.

-One of the teachers is a crazy Nazi. I don't like her. But I like one of the other teachers. His name is Rand. Yeah. Rand.

-It was really warm earlier this week and now it is frigid. No more show so far but when it comes it usually comes hard.

-I went to a barn dance. Best thing ever? Yeah. I think so.

-My shows are failing me in their content. The winners? The Office and Psych. Apparently comedies are the only shows holding it anymore. Nuts to dramas. That doesn't mean I'll stop watching them.

-Thanks Mom and Dad for the cookies and various other things you have sent me.

-A shout out to Kirsti and our evening text sessions.

-Also a shout out to Emily for the nice little message you left me on Saturday. It was a good pick me up.

-For a few of you, I don't have your number anymore because it was saved to my old phone and that phone died. So, you want me to have your number? send me a text with your name in the it. (Lame, I know).

-I am officially going to make my ward the Canterbury ward, even if it's all old people there.

-My first real day of teaching is Thursday. I am nervous. Pray for me.

-Did I mention that one of my teaching teammates chews that the other rolls his own cigarettes?

-There are a lot of people here that tell me how awesome they think it is that I am out here doing this since I am Mormon. I wonder how many of them are thinking fundamentalist or Mennonite.

-I was offered Mead. Peer pressure like. Ew...and lame.

-Never see Silent Hill...dumb movie.

-I don't like Curry. No matter how you make it. I don't like it. Too bad. We seem to have it all the time.

-I got a gift of a Cadbury egg. It was perfect.

-I might be an interpretive ranger instead of a conservation person. The verdict is still out on that.

-My cabin mate wants to hook me up with her brother or her best friend. Um...

-I've been trying to get people to call me Lambson instead of Sarah since there are two of us. Only a few people have caught on.

-Okay I think that's it really. I'm gonna stop now and also try to post at least once a week.



Tamara said...

Good luck on Thursday. 8th graders, eh? Yep, I can totally relate. Just remember--they are horney (yikes!), immature (VERY), hormonal, confrontation, attention seeking, etc. But they REALLY just want to be "noticed", and know that you care. Sarah--you'll be good for them. So what if the other teacher has a weird name, and the other has a stick up her other end--at least you'll be the COOL one that everyone likes!!! Yeah...that's good news! Good luck...

Julina said...

I finally get the pineapple pal...

And it was good to chat with you last night...

And you'll be fine teaching, but I'll pray anyway...

My favorite note is the "mormon" one-have they noticed that you're wearing pants? Or is that why they think it's so awesome...?

Warm-ish may be coming your way again-today was decent here...

Hope your package gets there, let me know if it does...

Love ya

Anonymous said...

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