Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Snow

I do love the snow. The White powder that comes down not the hard sleet that crusts everything over. But some of the magic has vanished now that I no longer feel the excitement of a potential snow day. In college classes aren't cancled. Speaking of not canceling, I have decided that some people really can be a winter time grinch. The conditions are so bad tonight that many businesses closed at 6:00. No such luck for me and my place of employment. I am excited that I am becoming less afraid of driving in the snow, so I guess I have my district manager to thank for that. So thank you for the oppritunity to neary go off the road into a snow drift because the roads are covered with 6 inches of lovely snow.
And a very sad thing is I havn't gone sledding in years because of my lack of time. Work and school make it hard to be a kid when you need it the most.

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